Willie the Wolf Accepts Winston the Hedgehog's "Circ War" Challenge!!

On Friday night, Winneconne Public Library's Winston the Hedgehog officially challenged Winneconne's Willie the Wolf to a "Circ War". Circ is short for Circulation, or the number of items checked out from the library. Willie accepted the friendly challenge and the "Circ War" will take place at the Winneconne Public Library this coming Saturday, Oct. 4th, from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Each item you check out counts as a "vote" for your mascot!
The winning mascot will win a $200 donation from Club Winston, in addition to any donations collected on the day of the Circ War. If Winston wins, he will donate to the Winneconne Elementary PTA. If Willie the Wolf wins, he will donate to the High School/Middle Track Fundraiser. Please come out to support the charity of your choosing on October 4th! Winston will be at one computer desk with a library employee and Willie will be at the other computer desk with a library employee.
Club Winston will also be at the library selling delicious locally-popped Kornucopia popcorn and lemonade (: