Face Out Project in the Juvenile Non-Fiction Section at the Winneconne Public Library


Our Children's Librarian Amanda O'Neal and one of our hard-working volunteers Bea Zirbel, have been working diligently on a "Facing Out" project in our Juvenile Non-Fiction Area.

Here is What That Means:

Instead of the books being organized by the usual Dewey Decimal system of numbers, and with the spines of the books showing on the shelf, we have the books organized with the faces of the books showing - Face Out - and with the books organized by topic.

Here are Before & After Photos showing the difference in how the books are displayed. The first photo is of the old spine-of-the-book showing way, and the second photo is of the new Face-Out method of displaying the books.

Our Winneconne Friends of the Library generously purchased the acrylic bins for the books to be newly displayed in. Please come to check out all of the changes in our Juvenile Non-Fiction section!