The Vacationing Librarian


A new feature that we will be adding to our Facebook Page and Website,

highlighting cool library-related sightings while librarians are on vacation.


The super-quaint Ephraim Public Library, located right off of Hwy 42 in Ephraim, Door County Wisconsin. 

I couldn't get over how cottage-like and cozy it looked.


Linda Malmgren, Branch Manager of the Ephraim Public Library since 1995. 

She was so kind as to pose for this photo for me and talk to me about her library...


Comfy Chairs and a cozy layout contribute to this quaint library's appeal for residents as well as summer vacationers. 

Many all-summer vacationers obtain a library card and participate in the book clubs taking place.


Hedgehog Gifts, a really neat gift shop located in Gil's Rock, Door County.  The owner grew up in Gil's Rock

and named the shop in honor of the Hedgehog Harbor, located just outside the door!


The actual Hedgehog Harbor, tucked just off to the side of the Washington Island Ferry dock in Gil's Rock, Door County