Week in Preview: July 13th-17th

Week in Preview:

Monday: Little Listeners Storytime from 10-10:30 am
Monday Matinee: "Wreck-It Ralph" @ 1 pm
Tuesday: Winston Watch from 9-1-:30 am
Wednesday: Mighty Makerspace from 10 am-6 pm, with featured
guest Beekeeper Andy Krueger and her Busy Bees
presentation (Live Bees!) @ 1 pm.
Thursday: Local Hero Wildlife Rehabilitator Rebekah Weiss from
Aves Wildlife Alliance & her predator birds (Owl, Hawk
Falcon!) @ 1 pm, in the Winneconne Public Library
Weekly Prizes:

Adult Reading Program: Cleaning Basket!
Teen Reading Program: Movie Fun - Theatre Gift Card & Candy
Local Thursday Build-a-Bear Prize: Fishing Gear Outfit