Ebooks in demand at the library

The Wisconsin Public Library Consortium Prepares for High e-book Demand this Holiday Season

The Winnefox Library system is one of the members of the consortium which anticipates another record-breaking holiday season in terms of demand on their e-book collection, and they expect that patrons  will want immediate access to popular materials. As a result, to make sure patrons have books to read on their shiny new devices from Santa, the e-book selection committee has ordered 2,733 copies of ebooks in the past week, bringing the total number of ebooks in the consortium’s collection to 18,132. Combined with the downloadable audio that is also available, the consortium now has a total of 29,700 titles available to patrons throughout the state of Wisconsin.  

In addition, 20 e-book titles (12 fiction and 8 nonfiction) have been designated as high demand titles. Enough copies of each have been ordered in an attempt to dramatically reduce the existing holds on each title.  For these 20 titles, the Winnefox Library System selection committee has pending orders set up for 3 days, December 24-26, and will be adding copies as needed to keep holds as low as possible.

To find the most books available to you as a Winnefox Library System patron, please log into your account BEFORE you search for a title. Then, you will find titles specifically owned by the Winnefox system and available only to local patrons.  Watch our website for updates on hot titles added to the Winnefox Library System’s e-book collection!

To get to WPLC’s Overdrive Media site, follow the links on our homepage.

To find out how to download a library-owned e-book to your mobile device, visit  http://overdrive.com/files/eBookHowToGuide.pdf

To find out how to use a library e-book with your Kindle, visit http://overdrive.com/files/Kindle-eBookHowToGuide.pdf

Or call your friendly library staff at 582-7091, for assistance in walking you through the steps.

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