100th Anniversary Writing Contest Submissions Due Today

Please turn in all entries for our Writing Contest Today!

Celebrate our 100th Anniversary by writing us a love note! Winneconne Library: How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways is the theme of the writing contest being sponsored by the Friends of the Winneconne Public Library. The Contest runs from Valentine's Day through March 14. There are different age levels for entering, and a prize for each age group! For complete rules and contest description, see our pamphlet or pick up a copy at the library.

Here is our Library Director Holly Selwitschka's Submission:

Winneconne Public Library: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

Essay by Holly Selwitschka, Library Director, for 100 Year essay contest

Five years ago, I found myself at the Winneconne Public Library. Each day since has been a journey of discovery.

Through quiet conversations, I’ve helped library visitors to find materials or learn new skills, shared daily interactions with staff and volunteers, and seized opportunities to become acquainted with others in the community. Such moments revealed truths about the people I’ve come to know – secrets that would have otherwise remained hidden to me.

I reflect upon these moments with fond memories. I recall a volunteer reminiscing about a high school chum that went by the nickname of Loverboy. “Loverboy” is now a patron of ours, one who has become an integral part of everyday routine at the library, every bit as reliable as our volunteers and staff. I think how the library staff have come together to form a close-knit community of visitors from all walks of life. I remember with appreciation the due diligence of library board members as they have volunteered their time and talents to realize a shared vision to transform the library into the community gathering place, a place for everyone – even those who have not yet experienced the magic and wonder of this library, a warm feeling brought on by a gentle smile and a hot cup of coffee.

This library has given me countless opportunities to meet and mingle with an endless array of personalities. From quirky to average, sweet to cranky, introverted to extroverted, talkative to quiet, or humorous to serious – there is only one word to describe them all: endearing.

Winneconne Library, you have introduced me to the people of a Village that I have fallen for – head over heels. The experiences we’ve shared stream through my mind like water in a spring brook: the sight of one million fierce smiles; the sounds of laughter and a thousand kind words; the touch of a single kiss of gratitude to the back of my hand.  How can I count the blessings you give me every day or the ways that I love you back?

Winneconne Library, I love you as much as there are people who walk through your doors. I appreciate every experience from each unique visitor. They are all special to me. Here’s to 100 years of service to these fine people. May you live to serve many more.

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