Friends of the Winneconne Public Library


"To promote and extend library use, assist the librarian, and provide additional programming."


  • Sponsor performers and artists for Summer Reading Programs.
  • Provide books and materials for Story Hour sessions and assist when needed. 
  • Sponsor Book Bag Giveaways for Kindergarten Roundup each spring.
  • Provide funding for all equipment in the library, any library furnishings and maintenance contracts.
  • Assist Librarian when needed for shelving or other chores in the library.

Current Officers

  • Cheryl Baker, President
  • Anne Burr, Vice President
  • Lynne Zauner, Secretary
  • Kris Kiesow, Treasurer

Previous Officers

  • Mary Wegner, President
  • Anne Burr, Vice President
  • Kathy Grace, Secretary
  • Marge Eid, Treasurer

A special thanks goes out to Marge Eid and Mary Wegner, both of whom served as Friends of the Library board members for more than 10 years! Thank you for all your time and dedication to the library.


  • Pathway to Knowlege (brochure front)  (brochure back)
  • Spring Book Sale
  • Craft and Flea Market Vendors at Sovereign State Days July 20 and 21, 2013. To reserve a booth, see the information on our brochure.
  • Winneconne Public Library t-shirts and bookbags are on display at the library and cost $10 each.
  • Vande Walls candy bars are being sold at the library.

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities abound for patrons and community members interested in offering volunteer services to the library. Some areas of interest include, but are not limited to, helping with Friends of the Library membership, publicity, and serving as an officer. Volunteers may also assist with story times, summer reading programs, monitoring programs, craft preparations, and more. Please call the library director for more information about volunteering at the library, 582-7091.

Membership Information

Annual dues in only $5.00 for adult; $4.00 for Senior and Student $20.00 organization.

To join, please contact Kris Kiesow, PO Box 518, Winneconne, WI  54986